Hey there. My name is Hendrik Musekamp and I’m a reader, writer, and – like Maria Popova of brainpickings.org would say – interestingness hunter-gatherer.

This website is my one-man labor of love — a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why. Mostly, it’s a record of my own learnings and what I believe to be important today.

Inspired by Seth Godin – start small, start now – this started in 2016. With a mailing list of five friends, I shared what I’ve found useful, insightful or provocative. This is still happening – so join my mailing list, by clicking “menu” and enter your email in the appropriate field.

HMX-Journal is a cross-disciplinary buffet full of tasty “nom noms” spanning from science and psychology to health, leadership, and philosophy. I dedicate this website to the change-makers and leaders that see a need for change in the workplaces, as well as individuals who want to do a great job among the many high-stress environments. I hope to share tools and principles that help you make better decisions, reduce stress, increase meaningfulness, influence, and improve cooperation.

Please enjoy.

Sidenote: The ‘X’ in ‘HMX‘ is inspired by the “Multipliers philosophy” as written about in Liz Wiseman’s wonderful book.